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After years of success and over thousands of patients Global Heart Foundation is now a landmark in Cardiology in Pune and Maharashtra. With state of the art technology like 3D Vasculography and EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) with LUMINEAR and up to date research and validations from many coveted institutions and FDA bodies around the world, Global Heart Foundation has certainly satisfied and consoled thousands of patients suffering with the trauma of a HEART ATTACK and ANGIOPLASTY and BYPASS SURGERY.

While most big institutions don't understand the fear and reluctance, of a patient, of going under the knife for a cardiovascular ailment, at Global Heart Foundation we help the patient and family take a very informed decision and empathise with them rather them rushing them into surgery. All treatments and diagnosis for cardiovascular problems are treated in a non-surgical way in Global Heart Foundation, Pune.

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With an expert team of doctors and assuring support team, your experience at GHF will not be short of anything but delightful. Apart from all of the above AFFORDABLE HEART TREATMENTS are popular and a GHF expertise as well. We are one of the few institutions in India who offer FREE CONSULTATION for patients as social service to humanity.

From the beginning we also encourage Preventive Cardiology and propagate it with programs like "Now you can prevent a HEART ATTACK." We offer many Corporate Packages and Senior Citizen packages as well.

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