Brief Profile of The Foundation

Global Heart Foundation Global Heart Foundation is a charitable organization, started in 2001 Pune, offering effective, non-invasive and inexpensive options for the diagnosis and management of Coronary Artery Disease. Dr. A. V. Narayan, the managing trustee, heads the organization. Global Heart Foundation has an advisory board comprising of eminent doctors and other professionals from Pune. The organization has a team of dedicated physicians, allopathic and ayurvedic consultants, counselors, technicians and ancillary staff to look after patients.

South – East Asians have the greatest genetic predisposition to develop coronary artery disease amongst all ethnic groups in the world. Of this population, Indians are the most susceptible group. This genetic predisposition coupled with a change in our life styles has led to an explosion of coronary artery disease in India. An estimated 50 million Indians suffer from coronary artery disease. We claim to be vegetarians, but consume unimaginable amounts of fat as ghee and oils. Sedentary life styles, lack of exercise, smoking and use of tobacco in alternative forms like 'gutka', snuff and chewed tobacco abound in our society. The stress of modern – day life superimposed on all these underlying risk factors has made coronary artery disease reach epidemic proportions in our cities with prevalence rates of 80 – 120 per thousand populations. This reflects in the ever-growing numbers of heart attacks, angiographies, angioplasties and bypass surgeries being performed daily. On the one side the numbers are growing in the elder population. On the other, the disease is affecting us at a younger age, estimated to be a decade earlier than in the West. Physicians are treating more and more patients in their thirties or even twenties nowadays. The situation, unless checked, is likely to worsen. It is estimated that by 2015 AD, one third of all deaths in India will be due to cardio-vascular causes.

Today we have the knowledge and the tools to contain this epidemic, and to recover from this heart disease spectacular. The pity is that this information seldom trickles down to the patients who desperately need it. This presentation is intended to give you information about your heart: its normal functioning, what can happen when disease occurs, how best to diagnose or confirm the disorder and the various treatment options available. Furthermore, it will guide you on how to look after your heart while it is functioning normally or even if you have heart disease, by adopting a healthier lifestyle. It may answer many of your questions and help you think of others to ask your doctor when you visit his office. A piece of advice: don't feel it is foolish to ask even the simplest of questions or state your doubts or fears. Remember: knowledge is power. In this case the knowledge of what to expect will help empower your body to recover quickly.